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I will sometimes go back to an old post and add a link or note at the end – this is primarily for my own benefit. I wrote about a topic, and want the new info for my own future reference. (Perhaps the concept of pinterest, done in my own way?)

I want to share a note I added to a past post, since most will never see it otherwise. That post was entitled: The alternative to passivity is not leadership. Here is the note I added, which is brief and not intended to be a detailed explanation:

A Priscilla Papers issue (Fall 2012) gave me this thought. Complementarian and egalitarian views of marriage are generally considered opposing views, but they are not opposites!

The opposite of a complementarian marriage (man leads/woman submits) would be woman leads/man submits.

And woman leads/man submits is definitely not an egalitarian view of marriage!

On a line diagram, complementarian would be over to the left, egalitarian would be in the center, and woman leads/man submits on the right.

An egalitarian view does not see interchangeability between man and woman in the marriage, but flexibility. Depending on things such as life circumstances and individual gifting, roles in a marriage may flex or change. The husband and wife work together, each stepping up to serve and lead in their family when their personal abilities or the season of life deems it best.