Recently I’ve had 2 posts where I shared noteworthy thoughts from books about Bible teaching. Today I’ll share two helpful online resources if you are a teacher of the Bible – or if you just like to study the Bible for yourself. 

  • Dr. Constable’s Expository Notes, found at: http://soniclight.com/ This site features extensive notes on every book of the Bible. The notes are a middle ground between lay and academic level. I recommend them to you, and took an online class with Dr. Constable several years ago. I read through the notes for multiple New Testament books of the Bible.
  • Executable Outlines found at: http://executableoutlines.com/ I stumbled upon this site when I was preparing lessons on the Psalms last year. I was looking for some ideas for discussion questions about the Psalms and found the material on the Psalms helpful. While I can’t give such a personal endorsement for this site, it nonetheless looks biblically sound and practical.

I think it is really nice when individuals make all their material (representing much hard work!) available for free online. It shows that their heart is in the right place, and that helping people understand the Bible and teach it is more important than other considerations.