Okay. This post really has nothing to do with my blog’s typical content, but it is simply a brief, funny thought. You are an introvert who detests small talk and must go to a social event. How to avoid small talk? Take a book to read. But not just any book. Take that academic, odd, or niche book you are reading. Thus you will be off to the side reading, and when someone comes over and asks what you are reading…

“What are you reading?”

“It is a historical book about the economics of forced labor in the gulags of 20th century Russia.”

“Oh” (person walks away)

“What are you reading?”

“A book that analyzes the theology of John Owen, a 17th century Puritan.”

“Oh” (person walks away)

But hey, there is a remote chance (perhaps very remote), that you’ll be approached by someone who has read the book or has interest in the topic, and you can get into a deeper conversation! Right?

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