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Yesterday I was interviewed about my book Positively Powerless on the podcast of a pastor in Ontario, Canada. While I have lived in the southeast USA for years now, I was born and raised in the western NY area, near the Ontario border. I actually spent a significant part of my childhood visiting Ontario, often spending nearly entire summers in Ontario – at lake cottages, with friends, and at Christian camps. Some of my closest friends have been Canadian.

However, I only became acquainted with Pastor Stephen Bedard in recent times through the online setting. I appreciate his blog and apologetics articles. Do check out his ministry. I was appreciative when he read my book and asked to feature me on his podcast. Here is the link: http://hopesreason.podbean.com/e/positively-powerless/

It is only 12 minutes long so have a listen, and get a quick feel for my book. The podcast/book description is as follows:

“There is power in positive thinking. Or is there? Is the positive thinking movement harmless or are there some connections to some dangerous ideas? In this episode, I interview L.L. Martin about her new book, Positively Powerless, where she goes into the background of the movement and offers some warnings.”