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A couple years ago I was privileged to be part of the launch team for Eric Metaxas’ then new book: Miracles. I’ve also heard Metaxas speak in person, and was able to have him autograph his book on Bonhoeffer for me. Happy book times! I appreciate both the speaking and writing of Metaxas. His humor style always makes me laugh.

I am now part of the launch team for his latest book: If You Can Keep It, The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty. The release date is June 14th. I am almost done reading it, and appreciative to have a pre-release copy. I hope to have my review up soon. Even established authors like Metaxas need help promoting their books.

On that note, I recently made a book trailer for my own book: Positively Powerless, How a Forgotten Movement Undermined Christianity. It has already been out approaching 6 months, and I need to do a few things to “re-launch” it, before momentum is lost. I’ve sold about 100 copies. Fairly good for a new and self-published author.

Thanks to everyone, such as some of my blog readers, who have assisted me along the way. My “realistic” goal is to eventually sell 300-400 copies, and my “sky high” goal 1,000. By the way, I will need to sell about 2,000 copies to just “break-even” for the money I put into publishing the book!

My point is that this is not about money or income. Writing and publishing is often a labor of love – passion for a topic, a passion for writing. I do feel there is a Christian audience out there that will benefit from the book – but finding them is the problem. A quick prayer that my book will find its way to these people would be appreciated.

And any other help you can offer will be appreciated.

Have you already read it? Thank you! A review on amazon would be a huge help. Share on social media. Tell a friend. Share the below book trailer. Suggest its use for a church group. (Discussion questions after each chapter make it conducive for a group read.)

Not read it yet? Could you bump it up in your “to read” pile, as a summer read? Be the cool person at the beach, reading a book of substance!

Here is that book trailer, with special thanks to my husband who was the tech behind it.

**Update. Just as I published this post, a new blog review went up! Wow, what perfect timing. Thanks to Deb at her blog “Telling of His Wonderful Deeds” for the review of Positively Powerless. Take a look. **