cbdToday this meme appeared in my twitter and facebook feeds for Christian Book Distributors (cbd.com). I appreciate CBD and have ordered many books from them over the years. They also sell my book, at the lowest e-book price out there, for only $3.99. Thanks CBD!

A good attitude is beneficial, but encouraging positive thoughts?

Briefly (I already wrote a book!)….

“Positive thought” philosophy and its history is NOT Christian. Not even remotely.

Positive thoughts alone have no power.

If “about Jesus” (Colossians 3:1-2) was added to this meme, it would be much improved. “Start each day with a positive thought about Jesus.”

When my book was first released, I had a meme that stated:

“Good advice can be found in many places, but only the church can point people to Jesus.”

As Christians we should point people to the unique truths of Christianity that can’t be found elsewhere. Optimistic motivational philosophy abounds. Why should we give people more of the same?

Let us point people to Jesus, not nebulous positive thoughts, and rather to the truth and freedom for living that comes through Jesus Christ alone.