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I’m re-blogging this past post of mine since this issue is particularly relevant as the church denomination I am a part of (UMC) is struggling with this issue at their General Conference. The UMC that I attend takes a conservative stance on homosexuality, as do I. In 3 posts, which you can see further links to, I share my thoughts as graciously as possible.

Enough Light

As I continue from part 1 (please read part 1 first), I’m going to focus on the primary biblical passages that have led me to maintain that homosexuality is sinful and not as God intended for humanity. I’m a practicing Christian, therefore what the Bible says is important to me. This post is not a research paper nor met to be exegetical, but rather more personal in nature as I consider Scripture.

  • Genesis 1-2. God made a man and a woman. The man needed someone similar to him, yet different. Being alone was not good. Making a second man would not have worked out. The man and woman were made to complement each other. Two men or two women do not complement each other in the same way. Furthermore, both a man and woman were needed to properly reflect our Creator God. The creation of the woman stemmed from…

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