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fictionI did not take this photo. I found it posted somewhere -forget where- and clearly it is a staged photo, meant to be funny. It created some controversy when I recently posted it on social media.

I typically do not “name names” but will critique something that concerns me in a veiled or evasive way. Or I will address the underlying problems with an “unnamed” teacher’s teaching, in the hope that it will help people recognize the faulty teaching the next time they hear it. I address this further in a past post: The false teacher versus their false teaching. Should we name names?

Of course, the above photo clearly shows some particular authors.

But, all that said, I actually have a different point and observation with this post.

When looking at the photo, something suddenly jumped out at me. All those covers have something in common.

Big photos of the authors are on the front covers!

I own a large library of Christian non-fiction books, and almost none of my books have a picture of the author on the front cover. The only exception would be autobiographical type books, where a personal photo makes sense.

In the above photo, only one of the books could be considered autobiographical.

Christian book covers that feature the author’s photo fall primarily under the categories of: prosperity gospel, positivity gospel, and/or wealthy pastors with a celebrity status.


I will admit that I know little about Joseph Prince, and need to investigate him further. But the general point remains about which books tend to feature a big photo of the author.

I suppose that the publishers, due to the author celebrity status, could have wanted the photo on the cover to help sell the book.

Isn’t the concept of a celebrity pastor in and of itself problematic?

It seems an antithesis to Christianity.

Recently I wrote a 2-part review of Osteen’s latest book. Someone left this comment after part-1:

“I first saw Osteen’s book at a box store, and from 30 feet away the image was 1) Osteen’s face and 2) the words, I AM. ‘Well,’ I thought, ‘He certainly makes no secret of what he thinks about himself, and who he thinks he is.'”


There should be concern with anything that so overtly distracts us from Christ.

We are to worship and exalt our Lord Jesus Christ.

In all things Jesus should

be preeminent, have the supremacy, have first place. Colossians 1:18