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What? You haven’t heard about The Babylon Bee? It is like The Onion (satire) but features Christian news. I am finding it hilarious!

In light of my recently published book, this story gave me a laugh: The Power Of Positive Declarations: Joel Osteen Can Now Fly!

In light of recent politics, this was amusing: New Survey Finds 92% Of Evangelicals Would Have Supported Genghis Khan!

This church had a spiritual crisis when…

And since I live in the same area of the country as this church: Steven Furtick Forced To Cancel Book-Signing Event After Getting Lost In His Mansion!

Well, there are many other stories besides these. Don’t miss that Creflo Dollar desperately needs funds for a spaceship to take his ministry galaxy-wide. Or about prayer for travel mercies in the year 2249!

**Update: I wrote this post when Babylon Bee was new. Since then, I have developed mixed feelings about Babylon Bee. Sometimes the posts are true satire and funny/thoughtful, but other times the posts are mean-spirited or mocking. The later I can not endorse, but continue to appreciate the former.