Something I like about wordpress is that it helps create a community for bloggers. The last few months to a year my wordpress “reader feed” has fewer posts in it. A lot fewer. From time to time a certain blogger comes to my mind, whose posts I used to appreciate, but I’ve not seen them in my feed. I check out their site, and the blog has gone silent.

Where have all the bloggers gone? Of course, some of us are still here. I read an article stating that blogging reached its peak, and people who jumped on the bandwagon have jumped off. However, that doesn’t mean the people who stopped were only flash in the pan. Certain blogs may run a natural course and come to an understandable end content wise. I contacted one blogger to let him know I missed his writing, and he told me his life had unexpected changes and he did plan to return to blogging eventually. Etc.

But I think some bloggers get discouraged…by the silence or infrequent feedback. People may very well be reading and appreciating your work but not let you know it. A couple times I’ve had someone tell me they appreciate my blog, and I was quite surprised – as I had no clue they read my blog! A brief comment, like, or share can be encouraging to a blogger. Hello, is anybody out there?

On a positive note, here are a couple new (to me) wordpress blogs that I stumbled upon in the last few months:

  • Samaritan’s Song with the tagline: Christianity, Scholarship, Service. I really relate to this blogger’s posts. We seem to approach life and faith with a similar frame of mind, as well as share some similar life circumstances. I might describe this blog as thoughtful, honest essays on issues related to Christianity and church life. The blogger has two e-books available, one on humility (the misunderstood virtue) and another on being an introvert in the church.
  • Everything’s Beautiful in its Time. This blogger lives in my general area of South Carolina, and I was pleased to stumble upon this young woman who is egalitarian and working on a seminary degree. Evangelical, female, seminarians are not so common around here! Her blog is not academic, but has thoughtful and encouraging posts as well as theological perspectives.

Meanwhile, I appreciate wordpress blogs that remain active, such as: Tim Fall, Connecting Dots to God, Baker Book House Church Connection, Laura Droege, Bob on Books, and James’ Ramblings. And I am sure a couple slip my mind.

If you know of a wordpress blog that you think I’d appreciate,

please tell me about it.