P1070438When you publish a book, it is a waiting game of patience, as you wait for people to finish reading your book and write reviews. Meanwhile, you are both excited (wow – I wrote a book!) and filled with anxiety (what will people think of it?).

Two wordpress bloggers have written reviews of my book: Thanks to Bob at “Bob on Books” and the blogger at “Samaritan’s Song.” Their reviews are thoughtful and thorough, and I appreciate that they took this time with it. Something I like about wordpress is that it is a community for bloggers, and I have found blogs that I otherwise wouldn’t have stumbled upon.

Find Bob’s full review here. 

“I think Martin speaks compellingly of the ‘virus’ of positive thought that has infected the American church…Her purpose is not to name names or criticize ministries (from which she refrains) but to restore biblical discernment…This book is a great example of constructive theological discernment in an age of either unthinking sentiment or outrage.”

Find the full review from Samaritan’s Song here.

“Because of my studies in philosophy and literature, I’m familiar with the New Thought movement and some of its thinkers. For the unfamiliar reader, though, Martin offers a pretty comprehensive and accessible survey of where New Thought came from and in what particular ways it has influenced, and continues to influence, Christianity. The book does a strong job of showing the ways in which New Thought can masquerade within the church as ‘Christian’ thought, and identifies the many problems that can come of such a masquerade…”

Spend some time exploring their blogs while you are at it – I appreciate their writing.

When you finish reading my book, if you could write a review for me, that would be greatly appreciated. As a first time author with a non-traditional publisher, I am particularly reliant on word of mouth. Please don’t think your review must be as detailed as the ones featured above! Even 4 or 5 sentences sharing your overall thoughts is sufficient. There is value in both lengthy and brief reviews.

Amazon reviews are very helpful, as it is the primary site that people go to for books. My book is on amazon here: Positively Powerless. Thanks.

**UPDATE: Author Aimee Byrd reviewed my book on the web site Mortification of Spin: “It raises some good questions about how we think about God, ourselves, and the Christian life….Positively Powerless is a short, unintimidating read that will open your eyes to the pervasiveness and powerlessness of the positive thinking movement.” – Full review here.