This is an excerpt from the last will and testament of my great x 6 uncle named Salomon Van Bunschoten. It was written on November 24, 1737 – translated from the Dutch and preserved in the records of Kingston, NY. I found it in the following genealogy book: “Concerning the Van Bunschoten Or Van Benschoten Family in America: A Genealogy and Brief History” which was exhaustively researched and published in 1907. Available in re-print on amazon. It is a massive 800+ page tome that traces this line of my family tree all the way back to the 17th century in Holland. This line is through my paternal grandmother.

Are you thinking: this is not a genealogical blog! Well, the following excerpt is why I share it with you. I look forward to meeting my great uncle one day on the new heaven and earth.

“First, I commend my soul to God Almighty my Creator, and to Jesus Christ my Savior, and to the Holy Ghost my Sanctifier, and my body to the earth from whence it came, to be interred in a Christian manner and there to remain till my soul and body shall be united at that last day and participate in the eternal joy of immortality which God, in his mercy, through the sole merit of our Savior has promised to and prepared for all those who from their hearts do repent and believe, believe, believe.”