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Thanks to all of my supportive blog readers. Several of you have been particularly supportive and encouraging in my book writing journey. In fact, two of you are thanked on the acknowledgements page of the book.

My experience with WestBow Press has also been good. Thanks to the various WestBow employees that assisted me along the way.

I actually don’t have my book in hand quite yet. My author copy should arrive any day now. I’m obsessively checking my front door! However it is available for purchase: at WestBow Press  -and- with Amazon. (Eventually Barnes & Noble)

It is available in hard cover, soft cover, and e-book. I am not an e-book fan but I knew it would be unwise not to have an e-book version. It is only $4.99.

At the WestBow Press site you can read most of the introduction of my book. Click on the cover (below) to enlarge it and read the back cover book description.

I am simultaneously filled with excitement and anxiety. Soon people “out there” (not just select friends and family) will read my book. What will they think of it? Is my writing interesting? Are my arguments coherent?

I hope and pray that my book will be spiritually helpful and challenging for those who read it. I pray that it will get into the “right” hands. If you are one of my regular blog readers, I would appreciate your prayers – not so much that my book will be a success – but that it will assist Christians in their life of faith.

Each chapter has questions for personal reflection or group discussion. Perhaps it can be used in the church small group setting.

That is all for now, my friends. Thanks again for your support and prayer.


Excerpt from the back cover:

A vast movement of “positive thinking” took the twentieth century by storm and engulfed every area of our lives-including our churches. Put simply, positive thinking became a part of what it means to be an American.

But should it be part of what it means to be a Christian?

L.L. Martin exposes the eye-opening history of this movement, documenting its roots in occult, mystical, and Eastern religious ideas. Though Christianity came under its power, the two philosophies stand in stark conflict. As a result, Christ was dethroned and the self was made sovereign, rewiring our minds and weakening our faith.