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*Update, 1/8/2016: Available on amazon.*

In case you did not notice, there is an “About my Book” tab above. I’ve been updating it, and it now has a picture of the front and back cover of my book. My book has been sent to the printer, and will be available to purchase in about 2 weeks. Click “About my Book” for more details and for pre-publication reader comments.

The cover is a bit simple, but I’ve always preferred simpler book covers. And it is revealing a message: Note the bright light bulb but beneath the bulb it is dark, rather than light. My book discusses a “shiny happy” version of Christianity that may seem on the surface to be positive and powerful, but in reality it is powerless and diverts us from our Lord Jesus Christ. It has weakened Christianity and undermined our lives of faith.

If you click on the cover image, you can see it enlarged and read the back cover description.