This post is not related to the regular content of my blog. Google, of course, has many advantages. But google can contribute to laziness because instead of having to memorize something or go to the library or search through books, the answer is quickly at our fingertips. Maybe that is not so bad, but research is revealing how google is affecting our memories in a less than ideal way. We are losing ability to recall and remember information. (Google it to find some studies on it! haha.)

But I have another point to make. Google has made people so lazy, that now they don’t even want to google!! At least this is a phenomenon that I am increasingly encountering. Two examples:

You post a link to an article or an information source, and instead of clicking on the link – the person asks you what it is about. Uh, click on the link! It takes you to a 500 word news report or article. Look at it. Read it. Must I click it for you, read it for you, and then summarize it for you in 1 or 2 sentences??

Someone observes a conversation on social media. They ask about the meaning of a certain phrase or initials used in the discussion, because they don’t know it. AND, if you google the said phrase or initials, the entire first page of google search results gives the clear and easy answer! They couldn’t have quickly googled it them self?? That is…pathetic. (I realize there may sometimes be an obscure phrase or initials that needs explanation…)

You see what I mean? We’ve moved from:

I need to know something…so…I go to the library… and use the card catalog…perhaps ask the librarian for guidance….and discover what I need to know after spending some time reading and researching.


I can just google it! All this information quickly at my fingertips!


I can neither look in books or google it. Please tell me the answer! And make it brief and easy!

Well, I hope you sense this is a sarcastic post, right? But is anyone else observing this lazy phenomenon besides me?

And actually, I now have some thoughts for bringing in related spiritual concerns…Look for another post.