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I appreciate books published by Banner of Truth Publishers, having read several of them. I was recently looking at an article on their site entitled “What makes a Banner book?”

Here is an excerpt about not being driven by commercial considerations:

“From the early days of the Banner of Truth Trust, there was a recognition that there were going to be books that needed to be put in print that would not be a good commercial proposition. Books that would be beneficial to the furtherance of the work of the Gospel, but which would never sell in sufficient quantities to be a profitable publishing undertaking.”

Isn’t this great? I think so. There are books that may sell a limited number of copies by publishing standards, yet the book has valuable content that needs to be out there. Sometimes what people need to hear is different from what they want to hear. Perhaps a book will sell a limited number of copies but deeply challenge and help the people who do actually read it – thus its impact may ripple and be more influential than the actual book sale numbers.

The cut-throat commercial nature of modern publishing is sad. Publishers only want to  publish a book that they are sure will be a money-maker. The author must also have a platform and be able to help promote the book. Many worthwhile books lose out. Or someone may have a good book but lack the platform.

Self-publishing has become a very viable option. In the past, self-published books generally had a reputation for poor, even embarrassing, quality but I think that is changing as self-publishing is coming into its own and gaining credibility.

Here is an article of interest on the pros and cons of publishing options from Aaron Armstrong, a Christian blogger and author: Traditional vs self-publishing: advice for aspiring authors. Freedom and having control are really important for me.

For my book, I decided to go with Westbow Press. This Christian company helps you self-publish your book. I’m editing my book now, and have already gone through several stages of editing. Editing is painstaking work! A friend with an English degree is helping at the moment. I hope to get my manuscript into Westbow in the next 2 – 3 weeks. They will do a basic editorial assessment too.

Right now I am very stuck with writing the back cover description for my book! I am so frustrated. It is difficult to write 35,000 words, and then narrow it down to about 1,200 words for the introduction of the book, and then…..narrow it down to 100-200 words for the back cover! Ugh. I am a wordy person, and a more serious writer. Writing a blurb to create interest in the book is not me.

Thanks for listening…thoughts welcome! Anyone that I know personally willing to help me with my back cover description?