Someone posted a video on social media that I’ve not been able to re-locate. A young man made an amusing video of the responses he typically gets in reaction to the large wall of books in his room. Why do you have so many books? Haven’t you heard of a library? Have you actually read all these books? Why do you have 2 sets of that book series? How much money have you spent on these books? Etc.

I got to thinking…why is it that only books typically get this response? At least, I have not usually noticed this type of reaction to other types of collections – such as knick-knacks, tea cups, dolls, antique radios, Star Wars stuff, trains, etc. I know people who have some rather interesting collections! One person has a living room full of dolls. I’ve not noticed people come in and say: Why do you have so many dolls? Haven’t you heard of a museum? Do you actually play with these dolls? How much money have you spent on them? Etc.

It seems a little rude to say such things about someone’s doll (or other type) collection. So why is basic courtesy or politeness lost when it comes to books?  People may ask some questions of interest about a collection, but not typically the questions of shock or almost disdain as with books.

Unlike some types of collections that are strictly for display, books can be useful. They can be used for reference, re-read, lent out, etc. A number of my books get heavy use, and I do selectively lend out books. (Of course, books can be for display only too.) Anyway…these are just my rambling book thoughts for Thursday!