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Just a brief post. I was at my local used book store today and saw a “one minute” devotional book for women. One minute devotionals are nothing new. But it was the subtitle on this one that sadly amused me. It was something like “for women who want to go deeper in their relationship with God.” The irony! Committing one minute a day (7 minutes a week) will help you go deeper? I hardly think 7 minutes a week will help you go deeper into anything in life!

Some may think I am being overly critical. Because of course, besides doing the devotional, a person can spend additional time each day with God. But the whole idea behind these one minute devotionals is that people are busy, busy, busy. Therefore, look, it only takes one minute! The mood or idea behind this is hardly conducive or encouraging to helping people slow down and carve out a little more time for their spiritual life.

In fact, it may only contribute to the problem rather than help it. Even a devotional that is attempting to be deeper limits itself by its brevity of one-minute.  Worthwhile and challenging spiritual issues can not be articulated in such a brief number of words, and we short circuit our ability to learn and grow in the spiritual life. Only the tip of the iceberg is addressed, leaving what we may most need to hear and understand unsaid below the surface.

Instead of brief devotionals everyday, I’d suggest that it might be better to find a longer length of time to commit to your spiritual life a couple times a week. For example, two one-hour segments where you can spend time reading, thinking and praying. Devotionals often feature only one Bible verse. Take time to read longer sections of Scripture and really soak in it. Etc.

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