I don’t watch a lot of TV and movies…for a variety of reasons. For one, I seem to have ADD with programs. They just don’t hold my attention. However, as my readers know, I have no ADD issues with books! But I do like some sci-fi and apocalyptic type stuff when it comes to shows or movies. Note some. I definitely would not qualify as a real sci-fi fan, as some of it is just too strange for me.

I got to thinking about why some of this appeals to me. I noted that in the movies or shows that appeal to me, there is generally a band of people who end up together who normally would have never ended up together. Because of sci-fi or apocalyptic scenarios, this group of people really had no choice but to become a group. They end up “doing life together” as they unite in unusual circumstances to support each other to fight a common enemy or survive in tough times. That’s it. That’s what I like.

It reminds me of what the church is suppose to be like. A group of people whose lives would not normally be thrown together, but their shared faith in Jesus Christ unites them. But genuine Christian fellowship can be hard to find, and I’ve blogged on that before if you browse my Christian fellowship/church life category. Too often we may gather, but we are not really doing life together. We socialize but rarely progress into true Christian fellowship.

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