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I’ve not blogged much of late, and may not get back to regular blogging in the New Year. But we will see…sometimes I discover I do unexpectedly have things to say! haha. In fact, I have some brief post ideas for the next few days. However, one reason I may blog less is that I finally want to start writing a non-fiction book on a Christian topic.

I’ve been told by multiple people that I should try writing a book. I do like writing, but the thought of a book is…overwhelming. And for awhile, I was not sure what topic I should tackle. A couple of topics that interest me have already been thoroughly written about, and I do not have anything particularly new or fresh to add to the conversation.

Finally, earlier this year, a topic idea came to me. It is an issue I have blogged about sometimes. (That gives you a hint, but I am not revealing my topic!) Actually, it is not one topic but several, but they are interrelated to each other. The trick will be if I can bring these topics together in a smooth fashion to make a coherent argument.

Many thoughts and ideas have been rattling around in my head. I recently purchased several books to read for reference and to expand my thinking during the writing process. Plus I need to re-read or review a number of books I already own that are related to the topic. Writers must read, and read a lot!

The hard part has been how to begin the book. As in, how to introduce and ease into the topic. That had me paralyzed for awhile. But then I realized I probably need to approach book-writing like I did writing papers for school. I never wrote papers the way you were supposed to! You are supposed to prepare an outline of your entire paper first or ahead of time. That never worked for me. Rather I would spend a few days reading sources, thinking, and marking key facts in my sources…and then I would just start writing – diving right into it.  After the first paragraph, it seemed obvious what the next paragraph should be. One paragraph flowed into the next, and eventually the paper was complete. And then I’d go back and write the introduction and outline to the paper. Easier to do when you already know what you wrote about! Right? Haha. Somehow having a master plan did not work for me. I suppose I did have somewhat of a plan in my head, but it was definitely informal or inadvertent. But will this work with a book? That remains to be seen.

I also have no delusions about writing a book. This is another reason I’ve delayed and procrastinated. I know it is hard work, challenging, and patience trying. It can take years to write a book. In fact, I’ve learned that some influential books or multi-volume works took their authors anywhere from 2 to 40 years to complete, but they just kept plugging away. If you are going to quit after a few months, you’ll likely never complete a book.

And besides writing, the publishing process is a whole other ordeal!

Well, those are my book writing rambles. Thoughts, ideas, advice welcome. Have you thought about writing a non-fiction book?