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Greetings my friends. I’ve not been on the internet much the last couple weeks. I’m returning with a simple post on bookmarks. I have the old-fashioned hobby of postal letter writing, and write “pen pals” around the USA and world. Yes, I’m not the only one who still likes to write letters by hand via the post! One of my pen pals is from Japan and is blind, and we actually communicate by another old-fashioned method: cassette tP1070205apes. Remember those? We speak our letters into the tape, and mail them back and forth. This is her preference, as she finds it the easiest method for her to independently utilize.

Recently my Japanese friend surprised me with an envelope full of bookmarks. She knows that I love to read, so this was a thoughtful gift – and they are also light and easy to mail. This envelope full of bookmarks made my day – my week actually! To the left is a photo of them. While my pen pal is native Japanese, her spouse is from Great Britain.

The bottom 2 bookmarks are leather and feature scenes from London. I’ve not owned bookmarks of this leather style in many years. Most across the top are uniquely Japanese. See the photo to the P1070207right for an up close of several of them. Another is a clip style bookmark, and one is a unique leather cord with small beads on each end – so it will hang out both ends of the book. This may be tempting to my cats!

Being an avid reader, I actually keep bookmarks stashed in 4 different areas of my house. Folding in a page or the corner to mark your spot? Leaving a book face down at the page? Horrors! A book must not be mistreated in such a way.

I find bookmarks can be mysterious in their movements. Sometimes they just disappear. They may re-surface months or years later. I guess it is easy for them to get shuffled about, left in a book, or some other odd place. Other bookmarks seem to never go missing, and I still have several bookmarks from my late teen years. One such bookmark was the gift of a pen pal from the Philippines for my 18th birthday. I still have it after all this time, even though I lost touch with this pen pal years ago. Yes, bookmarks are special and can evoke memories.P1070208

Besides the disappearing act, how long a bookmark lasts also depends on the quality of it – thin paper, thicker cardboard, laminated, leather, etc.

I rarely purchase a bookmark, as it does not seem necessary. I usually acquire them as gifts, for free from places giving them as an advertisement/promotion, or I find them in used books. However, I did recently buy a bookmark as I just couldn’t resist a bookmark that was so me. I love cats, purple, and while I am academically inclined I also have a whimsical side.

I have a book review and give away planned so keep your eyes open for the post. The book is entitled: God Behaving Badly, Is the God of the Old Testament Angry, Sexist, and Racist? by David Lamb.