This post is random rambling about my blog!

  • I was amused that this search phrase recently brought someone to my blog: “I can’t get enough of theology books.”
  • Two past series of posts of mine are: Salvation in a pluralistic world. Is there salvation outside of Christ?  – and –  Walking away from Faith. What “pleases” me in my stats is that fairly frequently someone comes to my site and reads every single post in one of these series! Either the topics or my writing skills (haha) or a combination of both interests people enough that they read through every post. None to worry that this goes to my head! I also have other series where the stats reveal the opposite. People read the first post and never move on to the following ones.
  • As bloggers know, blogging requires thick skin. No matter how well you explain something or no matter how diplomatic you try to be, there is someone out there who will misunderstand or be disagreeable. I once wrote a less-than-positive book review. Someone e-mailed me and told me that my review was arrogant and condescending, and also insulting to people who might like the book. I was shocked, as I thought I was diplomatic in the review despite having some criticism. I decided to get some other opinions and shared my review elsewhere. If I was being arrogant and insulting, I needed to know and make some changes! About a dozen people read my review, and said they found my review diplomatic and not condescending. Clearly, it was this one person in particular who was hyper-sensitive and had a problem. But still, these lone critics can rattle you!
  • You may think I am such a popular blogger because I have 586 followers! Not. That includes my facebook followers so subtract about 190 from that. I also get a lot of strange people who follow my blog and I have no idea why or how. Some of the followers seem like spam followers. (Is such a thing possible? Can some spam program subscribe people? Anyone know?) For example, people follow me and their site is a sales site about a product they sell. It seems like they only subscribed so I would in turn look at their site and possibly be interested in their product. I bet at least 50 or 60 of my followers are in that category! Or their blog is about something like pornographic romance novels!! Huh? Why would this person want to follow my blog? Our topics are polar opposites.
  • I’ve also learned that writing book reviews can drive traffic to your site. Several of my older book reviews, in particular Why Religion Matters (Huston Smith) and Rumors of another World (Philip Yancey) regularly brings people to my blog. My recent review on the new book by Eric Metaxes entitled Miracles – has been bringing extra people to my blog this week.
  • Finally, people frequently surprise me. Sometimes a post I think will generate a lot of interest, generates nearly none! And the opposite too – a post that I think most people will consider boring, actually creates significant interest. Perhaps I should post on more boring topics! Or it is unpredictable what gets people to leave a comment. I’ve had posts get dozens of shares, yet no comments. And posts get lots of comments, but no shares. Go figure?

If you are a blogger, feel free to share any of your random blog thoughts! Are your experiences similar or different?

And thanks for reading my blog!