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P1070148Recently I was able to briefly meet Eric Metaxas and have him autograph his book on Bonhoeffer for me. I also heard him give a speech afterwords. I love Metaxas’s sense of humor and speaking style. He can have you laughing even when discussing a serious issue, yet without disrespecting the seriousness of the topic.

Has anyone read Bonhoeffer? I’ve wanted to ever since it was published several years ago, and now I have a great autographed copy to enjoy. I know some critique his biography as turning Bonhoeffer into an American evangelical, yet it receives many good reviews too.

And for fun, here is a photo of my cat – who always likes to lie on my stuff! In this photo I was preparing an adult Sunday school lesson on the Old Testament book of Habakkuk – with my books spread out on a table. She always seems to lie on the book I am most needing to look at in the moment!P1070139