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My favorite professor in seminary recently shared his top 10 Christian books. I learned so much from this prof – his teaching style really helped me learn. Sometimes he’d have a whole series of questions (each building on the one before) that would help you think and also make you realize that an issue was not as simple or as clear-cut as you thought. Sometimes he’d make strong, exaggerated statements (even mildly shocking) in order to make a point. While being clear that there are boundaries to orthodoxy, he helped us realize there was room for differing views within those boundaries. In other words, instead of dogmatism he helped us consider other viewpoints.

Anyways, I was pleased when he gave in to one of those annoying social media things where you are supposed to share your top 10 whatever. Here are the books he listed, which I thought might interest some of my readers.

1. Bible, especially Genesis, Psalms, Ecclesiastes, and John.
2. Anything by Philip Yancey, especially What’s So Amazing about Grace and Rumors of Another World.
3. Anthony Spina, Faith of the Outsiders
4. Anything by Jonathan Edwards, especially History of the Work of Redemption, Religious Affections, and Charity and Its Fruits
5. N T Wright, Surprised by Hope
6. Roland Chia, Hope for the World
7. John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion
8. Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline and Streams of Living Water
9. Augustine, Confessions
10. Bono, Conversations

Have you had a special teacher that really helped you learn, or was very influential in your life?

I think choosing my own top ten Christian books would be hard, but I’ll attempt it for a future post. Besides the Bible, I do know that the book Knowing God by JI Packer would be on it. Is there one book you know would be in your top 10?