Lately I’ve bookmarked so many posts or articles, that I realized it was time to share some of them!

  • What to say when everything is not “fine.” I think Christians, more so than others, should grasp that we live in a broken world awaiting the final redemption. Yet too many Christians seem to have a “put on a happy face and pretend everything is fine” mentality. I appreciated the thoughts in this article.
  • 3 fun ways to reach out to missionaries. So often in life it is the little things – a letter, an encouraging word said at just the right time, or a little thoughtful gift – that can make a tremendous difference. Who can you encourage today, missionary or otherwise?
  • Why I am a Cultural Evangelical, from CBE International. I so related to this post and share many of its sentiments. Evangelicals are my people! I can not belong anywhere else, yet I am on the fringe and often frustrated. Yes, it is painful to be in disharmony with ones tradition. As the article says, “Female evangelical leaders hack different paths through the tangled fields in which they labor…” – some stay, and some leave.
  • Teaching Uncritical Thinking. I liked this post from a professor on how he is adjusting some of his teaching methods and assignments for his Bible classes. I think it can apply to us as well. Too often research becomes an argument with those who we believe are wrong, rather than testing our own ideas.

See – I told you I bookmarked a bunch of posts! Maybe one will catch your eye.