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I’ve disappeared from blog land lately. I’m back with a post on books. For those who read books of more depth and substance (whether on theology or history or whatever) – do you find your reading isolates you from others rather than opening up conversation? The type of books I read, rather than creating discussion or interest, tend to shut down the conversation or create an awkward moment.

I remember sitting reading Not the Way it’s Supposed to Be, A Breviary of Sin by Cornelius Plantinga Jr. and someone asked me what I was reading. I was like “uh, well, it is a Christian book on sin and the serious affect sin has on life in this world.” The person gave me a mumbled awkward response, and then quickly changed the subject. haha. Similar things have happened to me other times.

Upon finding out I’m a “reader” someone may ask my favorite authors. I think this question works better with those who read more “popular” books (particularly fiction) by well known authors. Since I don’t read much of this sort, the authors I read are not known by your typical person – and I get a blank look in reply. And it can actually make me pause for thought to think of my favorite authors. My favorite authors are…uh, well, hmm? Since I read more non-fiction, the authors I read are more wide and varied, and not a selective few.

The one author that I think I’ve read the most of is Philip Yancey, having read about 10 books by him. Back when he had a column in Christianity Today, I also faithfully read his column each issue. I also appreciate JI Packer, having read 4 of his books. I’ve read Knowing God twice, and I know I’ll read it again. I’ve read 2 books by NT Wright, and definitely want to read more by him. And I like the old Christian author Sir Robert Anderson (late 19th/early 20th century). He was also a Scotland Yard detective. I’ve read several of his books, and am pleased to own a couple of antique, out-of-print editions. I guess I do have some favorite authors, but it just takes time for them to come to my mind!

To some people a “reader” is a strange alien being. There is an independent used book store near me called BookQuest. It is unique – as it specializes in rare books, out-of-print books, antique books, etc. Oh how wonderful to spend an hour or two perusing their books! They have been in business several years, and seem to meet a niche need. I recently heard someone outside of this store say something like “How can that store stay in business? Who would even go in there?”Well, believe it or not, some people still love and collect books! And I’d just spent $35 in there – a lot for me who typically picks up books for 25 cents to $1 at thrift shops.

How about you? Do you relate to any of this? Do you have any awkward book moments to share?