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I was privileged to take a class on the history of doctrine (church history) with Dr. John Hannah. While it was an intense course, he often made these brief statements that just stood out in my mind. I actually had 2 separate places I took notes: the distinct church history notes, and then another sheet of paper where I jotted down the other statements I wanted to remember. I was recently reviewing my class notes – and nearly injured myself getting the heavy 4 inch binder from a high shelf! Here are some quotes related to a focus of my blog: faith and doubt, apologetics, the struggle to believe, etc. Hope some might be helpful.

You’ll find belief in the strangest places, and unbelief in the strangest places.

Christianity admits to a truth source beyond the scientific method.

Unprovable assumptions are the start of any belief system. [For example, no one was there at the beginning of life. Any view of origins is based on an assumption or faith statement.)

If you try to account for all that is by cause and effect, you’ll never account for all that is.

If you don’t believe in miracles, you are not being realistic! (haha. I like that one!)

[Regarding apologetics or reasons to believe, you need to ask yourself certain questions.] What problems are you willing to live with? And what problems must you have answers to? Arguments don’t prove. Be willing to say “I don’t know.” And say/realize “My position has problems, but it answers more questions than it leaves unanswered.”

Pascal said the heart has a way of understanding what the mind does not. As the old hymn says, “My faith has found a resting place not in device or creed.”

Never let the unexplainable keep you from the undeniable. (I really like that one!)

* Dr. Hannah has multiple degrees and went all the way to the top with his education in both the Christian and secular academy. I remember him saying that he wanted to be sure that he had thoroughly studied and understood both sides. As some of the statements above indicate, he found that Christianity answered more questions than it left unanswered and he emanated a deep faith.