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My Sunday school class has been going through some lessons entitled “Jesus, the Provocative Teacher” by Bill Donahue. Here is an excerpt from it on faith and doubt:

Mark Buchanan writes in Your God is too safe, “The depth of our doubt is roughly proportional to the depth of our faith. Those with strong faith have equally strong doubt…People with a trivial and shallow faith usually have trivial and shallow doubts.” Makes you wonder. Doubt drives the adventure of faith. No doubts, no room for faith. So Jesus confronts our doubts and our unbelief to draw out the emerging yet still dormant faith hidden beneath the layers of our fear, guilt, and shame.

— Agree? Disagree? I liked the point that if you have a deeper, thinking type of faith then naturally your doubts will be about deeper, significant issues. And while we don’t want to forget the dark, fierce, hoary side of doubt that can lead to unbelief, I also appreciate the reminder that doubt can be positive and open the door to stronger faith. Jesus was particularly good at asking probing questions that got to the heart of the matter.