IMGI cut this out of the newspaper a few years ago because it demonstrated how I sometimes feel. And still do. haha. I’m not into mobile tech of any type, and don’t use a cell phone, laptop, or any other such thing. If I am out in the world, I want to be “all there” – and not continually distracted by a device. I feel no need or desire to talk on the phone or check the internet when I leave the house. That can wait till I get home. I’m not that important, and if someone can’t get a hold of me for several hours – oh well. I’m an introvert with a small circle of friends so not many people are trying to contact me anyways…

Every so often someone criticizes me for this, or gets annoyed that they can’t text me or I text them. I’ve even had a couple people say texting was the only way they’d communicate! Well, I can’t and don’t text. Sorry. Who is the limited one? You give 1 option: to text. While I can talk on my home phone, do e-mail, do postal mail (haha but seriously I love the post), and communicate via facebook. Pick one of those 4 ways to communicate with me, okay?

Yes, I’m a shrinking minority. Anyone else out there not into mobile tech or you use it only minimally? I’m old-fashioned in a variety of ways. Postal letter writing is a life-long hobby for me and I correspond by post with about 10 women from around the USA and world. Oh the wonderful joy of finding a letter in the mailbox! I love handwriting – especially cursive. It is so personal. It saddens me that some of the younger generation can only print. I love pretty journals. I like real books and magazines- ya know, made of bound paper that you hold in your hand. When I was still a student, I was often the lone one in the classroom taking notes with my pen on notebook paper, while the others tapped away on their laptop keyboards. I love my 3-ring binders full of notes!

I realize some people legitimately make use of mobile tech for their business, employment, studies, etc. Thank goodness trauma surgeons can be contacted pronto! I’m just mystified by the epidemic of ordinary people (ie: not trauma surgeons) that want to be connected 24/7 – which is a nightmare to me. Again, perhaps introversion comes into play? Meanwhile, I hope to avoid becoming a victim of a mob attack!

Update: April 2018, I still don’t use a smartphone, laptop or other mobile devices!