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Recently I’ve heard it said that if Jesus didn’t directly address certain issues, then we do not need to worry about the issues either. The idea was being promoted like a litmus test to determine what moral issues we should focus on, or be concerned with, or consider sinful.

Really? This is rather silly reasoning. Jesus did not directly speak of many issues, at least in the records we have in the Gospels. He didn’t address gambling, slavery, pornography, abortion, homosexuality, the sex slave trade, rape, etc. I’m sure you can think of other issues too.

Yet, Jesus did address many of the issues indirectly! Maybe Jesus didn’t talk about gambling, but he did talk a lot about money and the heart motivations behind what we do with our money.

Maybe Jesus didn’t talk about abortion, but the historical narratives in the Gospels refer to John the Baptist in the womb leaping for joy when Mary came to visit Elizabeth. This indicates sentient life in the womb, and God’s plan for someone who was not yet born.

Maybe Jesus didn’t talk about homosexuality, but he did talk about marriage being between a man and a woman.

Maybe Jesus didn’t specifically address gender equality issues, but His very life on earth reflected that He greatly valued women. His treatment of women and His interactions with them were counter-cultural for His time.

Maybe he didn’t talk about pornography or rape, but he did say that just looking upon a woman with lust was sinful.

And besides that, our Bibles contain more than just the Gospels! We have more than those 4 books to go on as we seek to know God and principles for Christian living. To insinuate that only the Gospels matter, reveals a rather low view of the rest of Scripture.

In an effort to justify a certain sin, or to justify your concern (or lack thereof) about a certain issue, could you please not use such a silly excuse as “Jesus did not talk about it”? Certainly you can do better than that as you rationalize your choices or beliefs, or come to a conclusion?

[Excuse my perhaps sarcastic tone. I do realize that certain issues may not be clear cut and Christians can come to different conclusions on certain things, but let’s at least be sure we are taking the time to carefully consider how we reach our conclusions…using the brains God gave us and relying on his Word and the Holy Spirit too.]