My last post was entitled “Encouraging women to see their capabilities…and causing offense” – In it I shared how it can cause offense, among women and men alike, when you speak up on this issue. This is unfortunate. But my conclusion at the end was that perhaps that is just the way it is. When trying to create a paradigm shift, it may just be a matter of fact that there will be some misunderstanding along the way. Of course, we don’t want to cause unnecessary offense through tactless behavior, but when you make waves – no matter how graciously – it is going to stir some people up.

With this on my mind, it seemed ideal timing for me to see this post by Suzanne Burden today: “Justice: When Gender Reconciliation Doesn’t Preach.” While her article has a bit of a different focus than mine, we are definitely in the same realm of thought. Why doesn’t gender reconciliation preach? Here is an excerpt from her post:

It’s the unspoken justice issue of our time. And silence on gender reconciliation becomes all the more deafening when other topics are rightfully getting their due….In this, I point back to the example of Jesus, a man who so easily and winsomely overturned gender stereotypes and treated women as equals, as partners in His work. When I hear, “It’s too volatile to talk about. It’s too hard to get men and women to work together. It’s just too risky,” I wonder what we are saying to the Creator who designed us to be strong partners….it’s time to preach on gender reconciliation as a foundational issue that touches every effort for justice and righteousness in God’s Kingdom. 

Amen, Suzanne. By the way, Suzanne is about to have a book released entitled Reclaiming Eve. And she blogs here.