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Many bloggers share interesting links at the end of the week, but here are some posts that I’ve recently appreciated. Begin your week with some good reading!

  • Evidence of the changing evangelical tide. This blogger reports about a large (5,000 plus) evangelical church that just changed their position on women in leadership, after carefully researching the Scripture. All the leadership is currently male, so please pray for them as they transition to include female leadership. I’m sure some members will not approve of the change. Thank God for their courage. Please share this good news!
  • Worried that the latest camel bone findings discredit the Bible’s accuracy? Christianity Today has a good response here.
  • I discovered this blog a few months ago, and really appreciate many of the posts. Maybe you’ll like it as well. Hope’s Reason. The title is based on 1 Peter 3:15, and many of the posts are apologetic in nature.
  • This article is from several months ago, but I wanted to share it. The lecture works and it always has. Of late, there seems criticism of lecture (or sermons) as a method. All methods of teaching can be done well -or- done badly, and we shouldn’t completely discard a method just because it is sometimes done badly. I myself enjoy quality lectures and sermons – much more than interactive learning. I love to listen and contemplate. Of course, there are different learning styles, and we can be in danger of assuming everyone else learns best in the same way we do.
  • For fun: