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Yes, I’ve been posting more than usual about the “women in ministry” issue. If you look at my categories to the right, you’ll see I post on a variety of topics.  So if you are new to the blog, please don’t think this is all I blog about…But the theme continues for now.

I came across a sermon by a 22 yr old, female, seminary student named Sarah Schwartz. Yes, her church gave her the opportunity to speak from the pulpit! She preached on the Samaritan Woman and Jesus, and did an exceptional job. I think you’ll enjoy listening to it.

The church appears evangelical, and is on the west coast – a more progressive area of the USA. Where I live (the southeast) I could never see this happening, not in an evangelical church at least. I dare say that even most women around here would be against it!

I’m thankful that some evangelical churches are starting to see the light and release God’s daughters for full service in the Kingdom. I long for the day when this will be the norm in evangelicalism, instead of half the church being held back.

From the sermon:

“If we are a community attempting to model our lives after Christ, we must actively and intentionally seek out the marginalized, the weak, the voiceless, and invite them to the table with us, to share a bucket of water, to be full, valued participants in this Kingdom life, to be people whose voices matter in our church.”


On another note, here are 2 book giveaways:

  • And blogger Bronwyn is giving away copies of a new book called The Locust Effect that highlights the plague of violence affecting the world’s poor. See her post for a video and more details.