An online friend posted this CH Spurgeon quote:

“Visit many good books, but live in the Bible.”

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions. I will consider in a general way areas of life that I may want to focus on in the New Year. Lacking specific goals can be a bad thing as we can end up doing nothing due to the lack of concrete actions to put into place. Yet, concrete actions/goals can also hem us in and not allow the flexibility to go with the flow. Sometimes going with the flow can be a good thing as God may direct us in a new way. Of course, one could have specific goals but also be flexible with them! Personality types come into play as well. Some people need more structure, and others more freedom.

Regarding books, sometimes I’ve made a plan to read books on a certain topic, but ended up reading none of them as life circumstances and the Spirit’s leading seemed to take me in another direction.

I’ve been considering reading less books this year. Typically I read between 40-60.  Maybe this year I’ll aim for around 20 and instead focus on Bible reading. (This is where the Spurgeon quote comes in.) Reading other books usually doesn’t hinder my Bible reading. For example, in 2013 I read 48 books, as well as 19 books of the Bible. (Hmm…but there are 66 books in the Bible.) But I thought that super immersing myself in Bible this year and purposely limiting other reading might be the thing to do.

I think perhaps I’ve reversed Spurgeon’s statement in the past. I’ve been visiting the Bible, and living in other books. And reading books about the Bible isn’t the same as reading the Bible.

Well, this has been a rambling type post. Do you have any book reading or Bible reading plans?