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I announced the book giveaway winner in a comment after the post, but in case you missed it the winner was Rachel from the west coast of the USA. I used a “random number generator” to pick the winner. Thanks to all who entered and shared the giveaway. This was actually the most entries ever for one of my giveaways!

And I won a book giveaway myself! Woot! I won a copy of the newly released Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey.  I’m looking forward to receiving it.

Marc Cortez, vonneguton his blog Everyday Theology, posted this photo/quote which I am sharing with you also. I thought the statement was very true and challenging for us as believers. I know people who have had a new house built for themselves. The process was exciting – watching their chosen features for a home become a reality. But then they move in and the novelty starts to wear off – this house has to be cleaned and maintained. Mundane tasks must be done. Quirks or problems have to be worked out.

Isn’t it similar with spiritual things? It is exciting to be a new believer in Christ. It is exciting to lead someone to faith in Christ, or be involved in a new church plant, or a new Christian ministry. Yet, the time of something being new is quite temporary. After which, we need to persevere, press on, and keep going. It is not enough to start off in a blaze of glory, we must persevere. The Scriptures contain dozens of verses encouraging us to keep moving forward in the faith – I think precisely because it is realized that persevering can be difficult. Persevering can be hard work, mundane, and patience trying. Yet spiritual maintenance is critical. If something is not maintained, whether physical or spiritual, it will eventually decay, fall apart, and even become useless.

I was reviewing 2 Peter chapter 1, and perhaps you might want to also. Note that God has given us all we need for the divine life (verses 3-4), yet we also have a role to play and need to make every effort (vs 5). In addition, Peter states that he will remind them of these things and refresh their memories (vs 12-15). We want to be effective and productive for our Lord (vs 8) – rather than nearsighted and blind (vs 9). Let’s not only build but maintain my friends, in our own spiritual lives and in the lives of other believers.