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Every so often I share links to posts or articles that interest me. I appreciate when others do this, as it exposes me to ideas or sources I might have otherwise missed. Hope one of these links might catch your eye:

  • Sarah Bessey’s book Jesus Feminist was just released. In this article she shares why she wrote it, and 5 (yes five!) copies of the book are being given away.
  • In light of my recent post on spiritual narcissism, I appreciated this post from the Baker Book House blog. Are we God’s poem? – Reflection on Eph. 2:10
  • By the way, Baker Book House also has a book giveaway this week. It sounds like an academic but readable book on how we got the New Testament.
  • Michael Patton over at the Parchment and Pen blog (of Credo House) always has helpful and challenging thoughts on faith and doubt. This is a theme of my own blog, and Michael’s writing has been influential in my life as I’ve wrestled with faith and doubt issues. His article from 11/5/13 is entitled: What if Someone Knows Something you Don’t? – This one is for skeptical believers – those who believe, but are haunted by the worry they might be wrong.
  • I once had a series of posts about how God “speaks” to us today. It is an issue on which I have pronounced views and I’ve thought about editing and updating the posts. But meanwhile, Lisa over at her blog is beginning a series on this very issue. A Sure Word (pt 1)

Remember that I have a book giveaway going on this week: The Weight of Mercy. My book giveaways usually only have a handful of entries so you are more likely to win!