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P1060791I finally finished reading the 400 plus page book: The Triumph of Christianity: How the Jesus Movement Became the World’s Largest Religion by Rodney Stark. I’m too lazy to review it for you – go to amazon and read some reviews. haha. But I do highly recommend this book to you. It is carefully researched, presents original scholarship/new ideas, is a historical myth-buster, and is also very readable. As the back flap states: “For scholars and armchair historians alike, this book is a brisk and thought provoking journey through events we think we know – and need to reconsider.”

My photo demonstrates “the problem” of getting non-fiction books from the library. I used little sticky tabs to mark things I particularly wanted to remember. Look at all of them! I usually purchase non-fiction books, because I want to keep them for future reference after I have read them. I carefully highlight and underline as I read, which makes it easier to pull the book off the shelf at a later time and quickly review key points. Truly, my personal library is well used, even if only by myself, as I often grab books for review or reference.

I do have a notebook where I record notes from books that I do not own or am not keeping for some reason, but if a book has an overwhelming number of things I want to remember – then it is a sign I should keep it or get my own copy.

Rodney Stark’s book is one that I’d like to have on hand for future reference, but alas it must be returned. Yes, I can still buy a copy at some point, but it will lack all my highlighting and be like a “strange and unknown” book to me, rather than a marked up friend. Besides highlighting and underlining, I treat books very carefully and respectfully. I don’t set a coffee cup on a book – horrors! I don’t turn down a page – that is what bookmarks are for people! Etc. How about you?

Even though I’m not reviewing this book, I am going to have 2 or 3 posts where I interact with and share some content from it. See you then.