From time to time, bloggers will share search phrases that bring people to their blog. I enjoy these, and am usually amused and fascinated. Most of the search phrases that bring people to Enough Light are rather ordinary, but here is a sampling of either some different ones or common ones. Perhaps one of the past posts will interest you!

is frank peretti a heretic? – Because of this post: The “dangers” of Christian fiction. By the way, I don’t think Peretti is a heretic!

phrases such as: gun, gun images, gun image, gun pic, gun pictures. – All because of this post: Put the Gospel Gun Away.

faith and doubt quotes. – This is my number one search phrase! Quotes on faith and doubt are here:  quotesmore quotes, and  even more quotes.

enough light blog, enough light Laura. – Apparently some people are looking for me! Glad you made your way back to my blog.

Sex party (and other random illicit sex phrases) – Apparently because of these posts: Slave owners, sex addicts, and anti-semites: how do you talk about flawed heroes? and We love you just the way you are? Throwing a party for sex workers.  I suppose this isn’t really what they were looking for!

phrases such as: gang rape incest, polygamy, biblical rape incest and polygamy, when did the bible turn against incest, the bible is filled with incest, incest and polygamy in old testament…you get the idea! – Because of these posts: Polygamy, incest and gang rape in the Bible? and Understanding weird or disturbing Old Testament laws