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Something I’ve been thinking about lately is how many things in life are uncertain, and  there can be solid arguments on both sides of many issues. Experts that seem equally competent can have totally different opinions or conclusions. What treatment should you receive for a serious disease or illness? Should you pay off your mortgage early or instead invest the money in another way? How should you discipline your children? Whatever the issue, you may find two competent experts giving you different advice.

Because of this, do we then just jettison everything? Because two medical doctors are each suggesting different treatment options, do we abandon any treatment altogether? Because two parenting experts are offering conflicting discipline advice, do we abandon discipline altogether and let the kids run wild? No, not likely! But we carefully weigh the arguments, and make a decision. A degree of “faith” comes into the picture too. We don’t refuse to make a decision unless we can have 100% certainty. Rather we accept that there are reasons to go either way, and we choose one option over the other for reasons of the head and heart. While we may give an issue considerable mental thought, we are also placing some faith in someone – like the doctor.

I suppose you see where I am going with this…the same applies to religion and specifically Christianity. There are compelling arguments to believe in God, and compelling arguments to not believe in God. There are solid reasons to trust the Bible, as well as reasons to distrust it. We shouldn’t let this surprise us or throw us off kilter. Yet often we do…and forget that its not just Christianity that requires faith.

I’ve seen believers who encounter arguments against Christianity become disillusioned and drift into agnosticism. They jettison it all. Or someone who has never made a commitment to Christianity starts to explore the arguments, and decides to remain in a state of agnosticism rather than make a decision. They need irrefutable evidence or they won’t believe or commit to Christianity.

Do you see the unfair double standard here? Religion seems to be about the only area in life where people are willing to remain in an agnostic state. If we always demand rock-solid proof for everything in life, we will end up skeptics on many, many issues. We’ll find ourselves unable to live, and in a paralyzing state. Faith is integral to human life! We exercise faith everyday in different ways. Despite uncertainty, we make a decision.

Yet somehow when it comes to religion, some throw faith out the window and demand irrefutable proof. Huh? Or some atheists/agnostics scorn believers for having faith, but I’m sure in other areas of life these same atheists/agnostics are exercising faith too. Right?

The name of my blog is Enough Light. It is taken from a Blaise Pascal quote:

In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe, and enough shadows to blind those who don’t.

There is light and shadow my friends…reasons to both believe and disbelieve. Which “enough” will it be for you? Light or shadow? Hebrews 11:6 says, “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”  Some dislike or struggle with this verse. Yet please remember that without faith it isn’t only impossible to please God, but impossible to please just about anyone.

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