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In some past posts (here and here), I’ve shared that I read several books at a time and this allows me to get more reading done. This is what works for me, but it might not for others. In fact, in another blogger’s post on reading, they expressed the exact opposite. They only read one book at a time. When they try reading several books at a time things get messy and scattered (think: unsuccessful multi-tasking) and in the end they read and comprehend less. We are all different, and one person’s reading methods may not work for another.

However, I thought I’d clarify my reading habits. On average, I probably read about 2 hours a day. Typically an hour during the day and an hour before bed. I am usually able to read uninterrupted, which I know isn’t possible for some people. I’m also a naturally fast reader (but there are some books that must be read slower due to more complex or challenging subject matter).

When I read for an hour, I am usually reading the same book for that hour. I can get through multiple chapters in one sitting. I’m also an “active” reader, meaning that I highlight/underline things as I go along (with non-fiction books).

If I’ve not read a particular book for a couple days, I usually take 2 or 3 minutes to review. I’ll read the conclusion/summary from the end of the last chapter (if it is the type of book that has that) or I’ll look at what I highlighted/underlined, and this helps me get back in the flow of the book.

I hope this clarifies a bit. I think, perhaps, that some envision the reading of several books at a time as constant jumping between books – like sitting down to read for an hour, and in that hour reading a chapter from 4 different books. That would definitely be scattered reading and would not work for me.

In regards to my previous post, this is what I read yesterday: I read from The Triumph of Christianity by Stark for about an hour during the day. Then at bedtime I read a devotional from the Faith and Culture Devotional (about 3 or 4 minutes) and then read for the remainder of time from Christ the Lord by Rice. And, oh, my spouse and I are doing church class related Bible reading, and we read the Bible for about 30 minutes. We read on our own, but together in the same room, for support and accountability.

When I share what I’m reading, I usually don’t include the Bible, as I guess I think of the Bible as a separate type of reading? So far this year, I have read through 10 books of the Bible.

And, of course, “life” sometimes gets in the way of reading! But even when my schedule is out of whack, I generally find at least 15 minutes to read. A day with no reading is very rare for me. If you are a “reader”, I’d love to hear your typical reading habits! How do you read?