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Here is another book excerpt that relates to a theme of this blog (faith and doubt):

…God is most fully known in the midst of confusing reality. To avoid asking the tough questions and facing the hard issues is to miss a transforming encounter with God…

Facing confusion honestly gives strong faith the opportunity to develop….God does enlighten us on certain points. We must learn what He has revealed and believe all that is clear. But even the best taught Bible student must throw up his hands at some point. There is a level of confusion that will not disappear, and we must accept that fact. As long as we think we can clear our confusion with more study and further research, we will not be driven to passionate faith. But when we admit that important parts of our life will continue to be clothed in confusion, then we can learn to relax in our faith in God. Tough faith never grows in a comfortable mind. But it can develop nicely when our mind is so troubled by confusion that we either believe God or give up on life. Letting ourselves experience confusion creates a thirst than only faith can satisfy.

-Dr. Larry Crabb in the book Inside Out, pages 41, and 115-116.