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The fact that this book has Jesus in the title really has nothing to do with my current blog series on Jesus! I acquired this book for free at a Christian festival. It did not look like the type of book I’d normally read at all, but I decided to read it anyway. I’m glad I did. While an element of Christian faith runs through the book, it is not even slightly preachy and I think anyone of any faith (or even of no faith) would appreciate this poignant memoir. Rather than write my own review, consider reading this bloggers excellent review. Here is a brief excerpt from it:

Cron’s telling of his life….is the fruit of a person who has suffered great pain as a child and young adult, but who has also experienced great beauty, joy, and healing later in life, and who has consequently arrived at a place of maturity that I can only hope to reach. It is the ongoing journey of a man who has come out the other side. He writes as a human being who has “graduated his ghosts.” Yet he has not lost touch with his troubled past, nor does he treat his past self as someone separate from his present self. He no longer lives in it, yet he has not forgotten what it was like to be that person and to be in those situations and have those feelings and thoughts. Cron hasn’t left his past behind; he just no longer carries it with him everywhere. And I think that is one reason why this book impacted me the way it did.

If you’d like my copy of the book (which I read but it still looks brand new) – please leave a comment after this post. USA only please. I won’t put a deadline for entry, but will wait and see if anyone enters and how much interest there happens to be.

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