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I love to read, particularly books on Christian issues, but it is possible to get so focused on all these “issues” that we forget what it is really all about. It’s about Jesus. I have a wonderful personal library of Christian books that I’ve obtained in various ways over the last 2 or 3 years. (That’s another story.) The point is, my library has grown so fast that I have books I have not read yet. I can browse through the shelves and find books I did not realize I had or had forgotten about. (A great problem to have!) Recently I went searching for a book that was simply about Jesus – not a book debating Christology, but a book that just focused on Jesus in the Scriptures. I found one which I’ll review in my next post.

With my focus on Christ, I was pleased to see that the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) was holding its convention in my area last week, and a discussion panel on Christology was open to anyone to attend. (I’m not Presbyterian.) People like RC Sproul and Sinclair Furguson were on the panel, and it was a worthwhile evening.

Here are a few of the general notes I jotted down:

  • The person and work of Christ are distinct but can’t be separated. Who he is informs our understanding of his work. An attack on his person affects his work.
  • Every aspect of our theology and methodology must flow out of our Christology.  Christology must inform and have a controlling influence…Jesus is the issue.
  • Christology is not only something you think about. It is something you live. It is sacrificial living.
  • The early Church Father’s worked through the issue of Christology because they passionately loved Jesus. It is not simply dogma, this is a person.
  • What is the Gospel? It is Jesus, and how we receive the benefits of his work for us.

While I don’t have it all planned out in detail, I hope to have a series of posts focusing on Jesus. My next post will review the aforementioned book that simply went through the Scriptures focusing on Jesus in his role as a servant. I hope you’ll enjoy following along with me through these posts. Your input is welcome.