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Here are links to some posts/articles/videos that recently interested me:

…I often grit my teeth over many Christians’ responses to the media — especially believers who watch only one cable news station and read only evangelical newspapers and magazines such as World (but never Sojourners). Because these believers agree with the biases presented on conservative stations and in print, they don’t notice when they get news slanted in their favor. So sadly, in the words of Lifeway researcher Ed Stetzer, “Too often, Christians are in a state of perpetual grievance, where each passing day brings another new controversy about which we must act or else Christianity in America will crumble.”   Most of us want to be part of a positive force for change. And griping about how liberal the media is fails to accomplish that goal. So how can we improve our witness and our influence?

  • The Evolution of the Bikini. A 1o minute video by a young woman with a MBA who decided to start her own swimsuit company because the only swimsuit choices seemed to be the two extremes of skimpy bikinis or grandma suits. Interesting thoughts on what modesty is actually about, and the type of power women should be seeking…
  • On My Shelf: Life and Books with Tullian Tchividjian. Pastor Tullian talks about what’s currently on his nightstand, books he re-reads, his favorite fiction, and more.

    I’m also a curious reader, which means I’m always reading books by people just to find out how they write and what they say about certain things—which means I’m not simply reading books by people within my theological tradition.

  • Another video: Dallas Willard on Doubt and Belief.  A brief 2 minutes, but with some good thoughts on doubt and belief in the Christian life. Don’t be a cabbage! Knowledge grows by not only doubting your beliefs and believing your doubts, but by doubting your doubts and believing your beliefs. Got that?