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Once again, Tim has given me a post idea! After Friday’s post he commented about how much he appreciated Howard Hendricks and his knack for summing things up in short sayings. Dr. Howard Hendricks was a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary for 60 years, author of books (see Friday’s post for a brief review of one), a speaker worldwide, and was even chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys for awhile. Beloved by many, he had a special way of communicating and relating to people. Dr. Hendricks went home to be with the Lord Jesus on February 20, 2013.  As mentioned, he was known for his sayings or “prof-isms.” In his memory, I’ll share some of them below:

A belief is something you will argue about; a conviction is something you will die for.

People tell me they want to make the Bible relevant. Nonsense. The Bible is already relevant. You’re the one that’s irrelevant.

Experience is not the best teacher; evaluated experience is.

Never traffic in unpracticed truth.

You can not impart that which you do not possess.

You are able to do many things. Be sure you find the one thing you must do.

My fear is not that you would fail, but that you would succeed in doing the wrong thing.

Heaven is a person: Jesus Christ.

You can impress people at a distance, but you can impact them only up close.

There’s no such thing as faith apart from risk-taking. Creativity takes risk. The people who are most secure in Jesus Christ shouldn’t be scared to try new things.

All people are born originals, but most die a copy.

If you have some of his other sayings to share, or if one of his books particularly impacted you, please feel free to leave a comment.