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I appreciate it when bloggers share what books they are reading, or write book reviews. Why? Well, I agree with the thoughts of Tim Challies about this:

I love reading books, but I also love reading reviews of books. Reviews allow me to discover books I haven’t heard of, they teach me to think wisely, they allow me to better prioritize the books I am considering reading, and they sometimes provide a helpful second opinion on books I have already read.

How about you? If you don’t really care for book reviews, that’s okay! Your opinion is welcome too.

Awhile back I read a post by a blogger explaining why he does NOT write book reviews. He has some good reasons!

For myself, I find writing a book review to be a worthwhile endeavor. The Housewife Theologian had a post encouraging people to write book reviews because of the benefits for the author of the book, potential readers, and for the writer of the review too. She says:

Writing a review sharpens your reading experience. It helps you to organize your thoughts about what you may have learned and the conversation that you were having with the author, as well as exercise your discernment skills and memory.

I agree. You will “own” the contents of a book in a much deeper way when you take the time to write a review or interact with it through a series of posts. The benefits are worth it in the long run.P1050873

But writing a book review requires time, effort, and mental energy. Sometimes I can be lazy and delay writing a review even though I greatly enjoyed the book. In fact, right now there is a book on faith and doubt that I want to review, yet here I am procrastinating by writing a post on book reviews! haha! Harass me until I get this review written – okay?

Most worthwhile things in life require getting over that hump of laziness or procrastination and just beginning. We can have so many plans that never come to fruition because we never begin. So…crack open that book or pick up that pen!

Teach us to number our days,
 that we may gain a heart of wisdom. – Psalm 90:12