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I was deeply touched by this 5 minute video. Heather reaches out to women in the adult entertainment industry. She has a lot of wisdom. I wept at the Christians who sadly passed her over. But this reminded me of God’s sovereignty and His ability to reach people even when we fail to witness or fail to share Christ’s love as we should.

It might be easy to judge the Christian women in the coffee shop that overlooked Heather. Yet, we have all likely been guilty of something similar. It may sadly be prejudice or a holier-than-thou attitude, but it may be honest discomfort or fear of the unknown. We’ve never interacted with “someone like that” and we fear saying or doing the wrong thing. Somehow we’ve got to get better at looking at people, and seeing only their humanity. Don’t look at someone and see “a label” (an addict, a prostitute, an exotic dancer, a gay person…) but look at them and see a person! A person just like you. 

I was also challenged by Heather’s thoughts at the end which I summarize here:

“The challenge has never been the sex industry…the challenge is to have the church open their heart…to let people come as they are…not to pick them apart…to not transform them faster than God…to give them the time to change.”

The gifts Heather’s ministry give out carry the simple statement “We love you just the way you are.”  I suppose some Christians might not like this, as they might fear it indicates we are condoning sinful behavior. Yet, Christ clearly loved us just the way we were! Consider Ephesians 2:1-10 and Romans 5: 6-8. Christ loved us and died for us even though we were ungodly, sinful, and dead in our trespasses. God reached out to us, and His love and grace transformed us. Lets get better at showing that love and grace to others. Jesus met people where they were. Why can’t we?

Enough commentary from me! I hope you are as moved by this video as I was…