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In regards to my recent post entitled Women in ministry…lip service vs reality where I share some signs of hope from the complementarian camp…I see more glimmers of hope in this recent post by Trevin Wax of The Gospel Coalition: The Crazy Culture of Complementarianism. I appreciate his “bad crazy” section where he states:

In some churches that affirm a complementarian view of manhood and womanhood, a culture develops that goes beyond the complementarian beliefs into a skewed version of manhood and womanhood that we did not discern from the Scriptures…

He goes on to admit some problems within complementarianism, and I share some below:

a reticence or hesitance to affirm and celebrate women’s contributions in local church ministry, particularly contributions that are more up-front and visible.

a warped vision of manhood that focuses on calloused hands and physical labor and ignores other kinds of work.

the assumption that marriage is always better than singleness, so that singles feel like their identity is wrapped up in not having a spouse.

unwillingness to celebrate any evidence of gospel ministry or fruit among those with a more egalitarian viewpoint.

an unexpressed expectation that the godliest women have quiet and introverted personality types, and cannot be assertive and outgoing.

Thanks Trevin! Your post is refreshing and encouraging to me. I get tired of the divisiveness and extremism that too often exists on both sides of this issue. Egalitarians can also be guilty of overemphasizing certain things or losing focus. More humility is needed by all of us…