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Michael Patton of Credo House just had a worthwhile post entitled: Twelve Ways to Prepare Your Children for Times of Doubt in which I think he shares some exceptional advice.

Too often Christian parents can be guilty of indoctrinating rather than educating their kids when it comes to matters of faith. (This may be unintentional.) Yet kids that have been indoctrinated are more likely to walk away from faith as adults. This second link references a study which revealed that young people who are allowed to express and explore doubt are more likely to keep the faith as adults.

Perhaps to Michael Patton’s honor, infamous Richard Dawkins has taken notice of his post and called it a “twisted and tragic way to parent.” 

By the way, I need to update my “about me” as I am no longer a seminary student but a seminary graduate – as I graduated on May 11th! I took my classes at an extension site for my seminary, and was pleased to go to the main campus in Dallas, Texas for the graduation and related activities.