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I used to share a quote every Monday, but stopped the routine. I may try to make it an every Monday thing again. We’ll see. Generally, I don’t go searching for a quote but share something I stumble upon while reading books, blogs, magazines, etc.

I have concerns about the evangelical terminology “relationship with God” – Don’t get me wrong, I do believe we can have a relationship with God but it seems that evangelicalism can tip this too far in one direction. A post where I elaborate is here: Problems with saying you have a “relationship with God”…maybe we need new terminology?

The quote below has a similar theme:

It is possible, in our pursuit of intimacy with God, to:
1.   Allow our familiarity to degenerate into flippancy.
2.   Fail to remember His transcendence by placing extreme emphasis on His immanence.
3.   Lose sight of His holiness.
4.   Overemphasize the subjective fruit to the exclusion of the objective foundation.
5.   Fail to come to Him on His terms.
6.   Lose sight of the distinction between Creator and creature.
Sam Storms

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